Buying your first home can be exciting. Don't let worries about purchasing get you down. Most of the smart first home buyers communicate with agent and apply the top 5tips for successful buying. Let an agent help you and  Entertain 5tips below!

1.  find an agent for you and take advantage of agent's experience

You enjoy doing activities with right fit. Find an agent for your style. Try not to navigate the buying alone, use your agent's knowledge.Buying a home is relationship; buyer+ buyer agent+ seller +seller agent + mortgage specialist +inspector +appraiser + etc so many parties involved to it.  Ask agent about mortgage lenders and repairs too.

2. find a mortgage broker and get pre-approved

Everyone knows pre-approval means you are ready to put it an offer. Find a mortgage broker that enjoy working with you and that has great rates. They'll help you from the beginning of the paper work with advice. Sometimes it can take weeks to get pre-approved because of waiting time to find necessary papers so start as you begin home searching.  

3. view houses in your budget

View houses in or under your budget. There are costs, moving cost+ decorating cost + closing cost+ etc, that will not be included in your mortgage so you need to include those costs when you calculating budget.

4. see a big picture

Write your wishlist and check the list while you're viewing homes. But, be flexible when your agent shows perfect house that doesn't have granite kitchen counter top you're looking for. It looks less attractive at first, but it's something you can add later. Things like layout, bedroom numbers, structure and neighborhood are unchangeable, so keep that. But, other than these unchangeable items, try to be flexible.

5. ask for advice

Once you find your potential first home, ask what your family, friends, and coworkers think about the home. Their opinions will help. Just keep in mind your surrounding people sometimes have wrong information on market and you are the one who make a final decision.

Home purchasing is a 'really' serious deal so try not to get your emotions kick in the way of making a good decision.

If you have any questions about local market conditions, financing or anything that can help you with in your search for real estate, feel free to contact me at 404-519-6611

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