"Buyers have dream about their perfect home and searching for the outstanding house to grasp it. Pause and have a time to understand the current market and the prospects. Your potential buyers will consider numerous factors but well maintained home wins all. Preparing for a home to achieve the prospects' dream may take a month or more. But you can take extra steps for increasing your home's appeal. I can help you every step of the way and following 7 tips will help you too. "

1- Consider your goals and discuss with me to map out the best way to achieve the goals.

2- Plan for timeline and set price

3- Preparing your home

    #Fresh look ; paint exterior, washing, repair driveway, landscape,

      wash windows and window coverings, tighten and clean all door handles,

      clean gutter to create street appeal

    #Remove clutters and organize; kitchen, pantry, rooms, closets, bathrooms,

      shelves, kitchen table, attic, cabinets,

    #Repair; all plumbing leaks, patch up the roof, touch up all the paint, screens

      grout in the bathrooms, tile floors, kitchen sink, cover any stains 

      and minor repairs such as cracked caulking, sticking doors,

    #Furniture; change the position and remove anything interrupts showing or

     make the room look smaller.    

 4- Know seller etiquette and extra details for showing

    #Practicing to protect your interest; from aggressive other party's agents, unethical vendors,

      naive buyers or unprepared buyers.

    #Keep pets secured outside

    #Extra details for showing; sound, smell, light, set the dining room table,

       vacate the house while it is being shown.

 " Before the first buyer appears at your door do 1,2,3,4 for better showing

   and selling."

5- Place your home on the market

    #Keep your home attractive

    #marketing your home with me and Besthm; prefessional team support,

      prefessional photography, fast actions, leading technology, etc make smooth sale  

      -we give recommendation and actual coordination for repairs, staging, and paint for all clients. 

6- Know the current market to prepare closing 

    #Receive an offer

    #Negotiate; when receive an offer, after inspection, during buyer's financing period

    #Prepare to close; repairs, review closing documents, arrangements for next steps

7- Closing; Transfer the ownership, cancel electricity, gas, lawn care, cable and other services. 

"Selling a home can be stressful but I try to ease the stress and turn it to joy. I have a lot of experience and enjoy brining actions along with helpful information to sell your house quickly. As we go together the journey and close on, (I like this) we'll find both fast sale and solid working relationship on trust"