"Buying a home can be stressful but I try to ease the stress and turn it to joy. I have a lot of experience and enjoy brining actions along with helpful information to find the besthome. As we go together the journey and close on, (I like this) we'll find both your perfect home and solid working relationship on trust."

Top 7 tips to Successful Home Buying

1- Research ; find your agent and search home

2- Plan for timeline and get pre-qualified

3- Narrow down your list

    ( know your likes; neighborhood, new or resale, features include big yard, 

      new appliances, fenced-in yard, etc )

4- Research continuously and make informed decision and sign a contract

     to protect you

5- The mortgage ; types of loans, fees and the processes are different from lender to lender 

    so buy a mortgage will benefit you more.

6- Get to know your home; inspection

7- Make your home, home

   (if necessary do touch-up or repairs or use home warranty)