Home buyers frequently asked Ranch (1story house with or without basement in GA) will be a better choice for their family than 2 or 3story home.

It depends.

Mostly, number of ranch houses is smaller than number of 2story(or 3story) homes in a subdivision. But that is not the reason ranch

can be one of the most wanted home styles. Some families prefer to buy a ranch because of below characteristics: 

* main level contains everything so easy access to everywhere 

* no trips to up and down stairs

* has stepless entrance. Families with small kids and/or seniors consider this as an important matter. 

* every room is on main floor so homes often have large open layout

* If a ranch house has basement, the size of the basement will be larger than typical 2story home's basement size. Since its first floor size is way larger than other style home's first floor size and basements lays underneath the first floors.

But, still 2or 3 story homes are more popular in GA then what is the main characteristics of the homes:

* 2(or 3) story home offers more natural light than a ranch.

* Most of the bedrooms are upstairs which are more bright

* Distance between the rooms are larger in 2(or3) story home (Some of the ranch's layouts also provide nicely positioned rooms, but hard to find.. )

* In southern environment, typically people are looking for larger appearance.

* Many families have middle schoolers or high schoolers are looking for 2(or 3) story homes

Size of a house is an important factor for family members and also it can do a big role to set price when it comes to appraisal.

In GA, 2 or 3 story houses are typically larger than ranch houses in a same price range.

Since those 2 or 3 floors' sq.ft in 2(3)story home are added up for the home size.

Elevation of 2 or 3 story houses easily appeal to southerners too. But, ranch house's popularity has been rapidly growing

among seniors or family has little kids nowadays. So, choice is really up to you. Consider your family's lifestyle and also family members age.

And always consult your agent for making a better decision.

If you have any questions about local market conditions, financing or anything that can help you with in your search for real estate, feel free to contact me at 404-519-6611

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