After move in, we are trying to make house look nice and homey. We all wants to settled in quickly...but, sometimes even after unpack all the boxes, we still feel it's not like our home. Below 5tips of 'after move in' guide helps to transform your house to call home.

1) put some rugs  

Even if we like hardwood floors, some softness and warm feeling is helpful to create cozy feeling. Choose right texture+ color+ pattern  rug(or carpet)to make your house contemporary and that makes a space instantly feel more lived-in.

2) new lights or light bulb

Surprisingly adding lights and/or changing light bulbs create different mood, spaces can be more personal with the changes. House already has builder-grade lights or pre installed lights, but a quick and inexpensive update of soft lighting can do a lot to make a room feel cozy. And also different types of light bulbs and lights will allow you to easily separate areas of your home for certain purposes including reading, relaxing, eating and more. Cool white bulbs are fit for office and kitchen. Warm white bulbs are good for bedrooms, bathrooms, and most of the spaces.

3) create openness, put some deco on wall

Open layout allows us not only spacious feel but also, in many cases, convenience. We enjoy looking after children or talking to guests while preparing meals in the openness. Even if our house's layout is not totally open layout, we can still create open feel to adjust furniture or fixtures.

Put some deco or memorable things like family photos on wall, this simple adding an element to your house makes it feel unique. 

4) use spaces for your current purposes

Adapt your house to fit your current needs – that will really make it feel like home. Breakfast area can be kid's play space for now, keep in mind it will not be forever. So, enjoy home as you 'NOW' want! 

5) be a part of your neighborhood

Get to know your neighbor would be the first step to be a part of your neighborhood after move in. You may be shy but if you find ways to initiate conversation in comfortable ways, it'll help. Spend some time in the front yard than backyard, spend time at a common space such as a neighborhood park or city bench, and mow your lawn can be easy ways to start talk to your neighbors. Volunteering, or getting involved at your child’s school, or finding your niche in your new job are also good ways to connect your neighborhood.

As you transition into this new stage of your life, embrace the opportunity! Look at this new house as an opportunity to create memories to your family, and an environment you’ll love. 

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